“Don’t Vote Trump” Warns Signal From Outer Space


A SIGNAL discovered by scientists searching for extraterrestrial life has apparently given the world a stark warning, after it was decoded by a team of NASA experts early this morning.

The message “Don’t Vote Trump” appeared to have come from a nearby star, HD164595, in the constellation Hercules, some 95 light years away, relatively close at the scale of the universe, and almost exactly the same size as our own star.

“We believe this message was sent continuously for some time now,” scientist Dr. Kevin Winterbourne told WWN, who worked on deciphering the signal, “‘Don’t Vote Trump’ has so far been repeated a total of 14 million times since we discovered it last week. The signal is quite strong, considering it’s so far away”.

Scientists hunting for life on other planets have asked for ‘permanent monitoring’ of the star, in the hope of other messages.

“This is truly a remarkable find, albeit a worrying one,” Dr. Winterbourne added, looking at the data received. “Like, they’re really trying to warn us here. The signal is quite panicked in its repetitiveness. There is an air of desperation about it. Like the lives of whoever sent it, depended on it reaching us”.

However, following our interview, the signal suddenly stopped at 9:34am this morning, with astronomers reporting a large thermal explosion near the star.

“It’s probably nothing to worry about,” concluded Winterbourne.