4-Year-Old Gives Up On Irish Language 3 Seconds Into First Lesson


JUNIOR INFANTS pupil Jack Gillihan has already given up on the Irish language just 3 seconds into his first ever Irish lesson, WWN can exclusively reveal.

While Jack, 4, had mastered his earlier lessons in staying quiet, playing with toys, nap time and finger painting, the Waterford native struggled to engage with a subject that was completely foreign to him.

“What the fuck is this gobbledygook?” the child is alleged to have said to a classmate when confronted with a whiteboard covered in strange indecipherable symbols which looked eerily similar to his native tongue, English.

“You mean English, Miss” the dedicated pupil said, correcting his teacher’s assertion that a bizarre word, ‘Bearla’ actually meant ‘English’.

“She’s talking out of her hole this one, best to keep the head down and stay quiet when she’s on this Irish buzz for the next 13 years or so,” Jack confirmed to himself, content to begin fully embracing ignoring his teacher.

Educational experts have been baffled by Jack’s rejection of the Irish language, going as far as to suggest the rejection is the first of its kind.

“We’ve never seen anything like this, it usually takes the average pupil more than 10 seconds to give up on Irish,” education expert Matt Nelly shared with WWN.