OMG! The Kid From Liar Liar Looks TOTALLY Recognisable Today!!!


EVERYONE and we mean EVERYONE loves the 1997 Jim Carrey classic comedy Liar Liar.

His turn as a lawyer who could no longer tell lies after his son made a wish on his birthday, is a firm favourite with film fans everywhere, but the child actor who played Carrey’s son, Max didn’t become the familiar household name his film dad is.

Remember when Carrey’s character beat himself up in the toilet? Haha, comedy movies are so funny sometimes and we totally love amusing things.

Pictured below, Max, played by Justin Cooper stole the show as the cute and adorable son who just wanted a more dedicated and honest father.

liar liar 1

Nostalgia alert all round, it’s all coming flooding back to us now, but the question remains, what does Justin look like today?

We have the answer below, here he is pictured in a commercial for a South Korean Shampoo ‘Hair Clean Good’, shot in June of this year:

liar liar 2

Well, luckily enough for film fans, Justin is TOTALLY recognisable today, thanks to a rare genetic condition named Nihil Aetate Syndrome, which means he is incapable of aging. Wow, nostalgia overdose or what? Take a look at Justin in 2016, he hasn’t changed a bit, we would absolutely recognise him in the street. If only all of us could just stop growing up!