Hillary Clinton’s Top 4 Make-Up Tips


MAYBE she’s born with it… maybe it’s just good cosmetics. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is a shining example of how even a woman of advancing political years can still appear to be friendly, engaging and the absolute best person to govern over one of the biggest superpowers in the world. How does she do it? It’s all in the make-up…

1) Deletemal

One thing Hillary counts on more than anything else in her daily routine is a product known as Deletemal, which covers up any unwanted blemishes before going on the campaign trail. “I don’t know where I’d be without Deletemal”, she frequently admits. “I make sure my staff all know; Deletemal… always make sure that you stock up”.

2) Embassé B

Embassé B: Americans would die for it! A costly product from Northern Africa, Clinton has tried to claim that Embassé B is not something she’s dipped into, but several sources suggest otherwise! In fact, many are of the opinion that Clinton was aware of it before anyone else, and chose to keep it to herself.

3) Clinton Foundation

All good make-up routines require a good foundation, and with this self-titled product, Hillary has everything she needs to look her best during her gruelling presidential campaign. With help from the Clinton Foundation, Hillary looks like a million bucks! Hell, she looks like 156 million bucks from 85 donors!

4) Donald by Donald

The Trump card in Clinton’s daily routine, Hillary is known to use ‘Donald by Donald’ every day to keep her looking in pristine condition. She doesn’t even have to do anything; this amazing cosmetic from New York just makes her look radiant, honest, and above all else, truly presidential.