Rapping Rose Shot 9 Times In Gang-Related Drive By


THERE was pandemonium after last night’s first-round heats at the Rose Of Tralee competition, as the ill beats of one rapping competitor drew the ire of a fearsome West Tralee hip-hop outfit, resulting in a drive-by shooting that left dozens injured.

German rose Kari Foss put the lean in cailín deas with some dope rhymes during her talent section, dropping some of the sickest verses the dome has ever heard.

However, local rap outfit Death Rae Records took umbrage to what they saw as a “diss” on Kerry hip-hop, and headed to the dome to settle their beef with the aid of shotguns and short sticks made out of black water piping.

Although the German rose fired back with a concealed Heckler & Koch automatic that she had concealed under her gúna, she was hit up to 9 times as the Death Rae boys made their escape in the back of a Volkswagon Jetta.

“Ms. Floss was admitted to hospital last night, where her injuries have been described as not life-threatening” said a member of the Rose Of Tralee committee.

“She is said to be furious about the whole thing, and has vowed to bring down the full extent of her dawgs on Death Rae Records. The two hip-hop houses are rumoured to be taking part in a rap battle later this week in Dingle, to sort things once and for all”.

Meanwhile the Garda band who where at the dome at the time have reported that they didn’t see anything, despite being mere yards away at the time.