New Survey Reveals The Brits Would Sicken Your Hole At Times


A RECENT poll among Irish people has confirmed that for the 800th year running, most of the population find themselves annoyed or vexed whenever they see British people say or do anything.

Almost 100% of people surveyed stated that “the Brits would give you a pain in the fucking face” when engaging in celebrations of sporting events, cultural milestones, or just existing in general.

The report coincides with the middle of the Olympic games, where sporting commentators from Scotland, Wales but particularly England have been ‘doing your fucking head in’ while cheering on their homegrown athletes.

The celebrations have reached aggravation levels not seen since the royal wedding, leading the majority of Irish civilians to wish that they’d just put a sock in it.

“Look it them there, making a big deal of every fuckin’ medal they win,” said one Waterford local during the survey.

“They’d sicken your happiness. When Irish people win something, we get humble about it or rarely mention it at all. Or if we do mention it, we don’t get so… fuckin’… British about the whole thing. Just the noise out of them, and the accents. You’d just love to tell them to fuck off”.

Although the sentiments of Ireland are echoed by many countries across the globe, experts have stated that British people have been annoying for quite some time, and you needen’t expect them to change anytime soon.