Mick Wallace & Clare Daly Insist That This Thing Goes All The Way To The Top, See?


DRINKING cold coffee that’s been sitting there for hours while chain-smoking and pinning page after page of data to the wall, Mick Wallace and Clare Daly have hinted that their current investigations into the National Assets Management Agency suggests that the whole thing might be rotten to the core, see?

Having recently set up a website called NAMALEAKS.COM to enable whistle-blowers with “information in the public interest” about Nama to come forward, Wallace and Daly feel that they may be in a position to bust this thing wide open, see, adding that “this thing goes all the way to the top, see?”

Wallace has been on Nama’s case for years, and has made it his personal goal to see that the government agency is held accountable to the sale and management of properties acquired during the property crash of 0-8, which he claims are being sold off to foreign vulture funds, and he isn’t having it on his watch, see?

“Say, this thing is dirty. Dirty, I tells ya,” said Wallace, linking a maze of black-and-white photographs together with red woollen thread.

“This guy is paying this guy, and these guys are making a killing from these guys over here… and who’s paying for it all? Schmucks like you and me! Well, not me, but definitely you!”

A spokesperson for Nama has stressed that there is no grifts, shenanigans or monkey-shines going on at the agency, but that’s just the kinda thing they would say, see?