Waterford Man Credits His Facebook Statuses With Freeing Brendan Dassey


31-YEAR-OLD Ardmore resident John Kinseally has congratulated himself on the part he believes he played in securing justice on behalf of Brendan Dassey, a man who was at the centre of popular Netflix show ‘Making A Murderer’.

Kinseally’s stinging criticism of the US legal system on Facebook is credited by Kinseally himself with being the key to helping Dassey move closer to 0

being free

Since coming to the world’s attention in the compelling documentary, Dassey had become the subject of a campaign to see his conviction for murder overturned with such a possibility becoming a reality in the last few days.

This news prompted Kinseally to remind every one of his 347 Facebook friends that this act of justice would not have been possible had it not been for his strident campaign to help free Dassey.

“I was saying he was innocent for ages boi,” Kinseally explained in a dense legal argument that few of his Facebook friends were able to understand, “look back on me statuses when the show came out round Christmas, I was saying it and now finally I’ve been listened to and all”.

It is believed Kinseally was referencing a January the 3rd status in which he speculated “fucking cops in that Making A Murderer are right pricks” and confirmed “that Brendan lad is deffo innocent”.

Legal experts have confirmed that this is the first time a US court of appeals has used the legal advice of a 31-year-old electrician from Waterford but could not guess as to whether Kinseally’s opinion would be sought on other cases.

“Always said it lad, always said it and now every prick is Facebook taking credit,” Kinseally concluded.