Kilkenny Urged To Give Someone Else A Chance


PLEAS have been made to Kilkenny on behalf of a number of hurling mad counties to just step aside and give someone else a chance, WWN has learned.

“You’re not impressing anyone anymore, we get it, you’re class at hurling. What-a-surprise,” a disgruntled Clare native Olwyn Ní Mhurchú shouted in the general direction of Kilkenny this morning following the Cats victory over Waterford at the weekend. While technically speaking an All Ireland will take place this year, most GAA fans are assuming Kilkenny have won already.

Most other pleas came in the far more organised form of a signed petition sent to the GAA and Kilkenny, proposing that it would do other counties the world of good to see the back of the hurling behemoths for a few years.

“It’s just selfish, look it, we don’t get to semi-finals and finals every year, but we’d appreciate Kilkenny just taking a year off. There’s so much of the world to see, so many things to do. Does it not get boring and repetitive for them?” Waterford supporter Gary O’Neill explained to WWN.

Fans from hurling heartlands outside of Kilkenny also expressed concern for Kilkenny manager Brian Cody.

“You’d wonder are the county board keeping him hostage? He should be allowed retire and relax. It’s not fair on him, go on there Brian retire, paint the shed, whatever else needs doing around the house, you deserve it,” Wexford local Eoin Gibbons pleaded.

While Kilkenny have not responded to the pleas as of yet it is hoped the county reveals it has a conscience and returns to its 1980s All-Ireland form, which was ‘mainly shite’ according to hurling experts.

Hurling fans have also warned Tipperary that this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be up for the county in this year’s All Ireland final as ‘they can be insufferable too’.