What Do TDs Do On Their Summer Holidays? We Follow 6 Of Them To Find Out


VOTERS have always been curious to find out just what TDs get up on their 769 days off from the Dáil during the summer months, so WWN tracked 6 TDs down in a bid to provide you, our readers, with the answers.

“I don’t like sitting around doing nothing, I’m quite active in the community obviously, but during my time off I give the council cleaners a dig out. The street sweepers are always glad of the help”

– Fianna Fáil TD for Limerick Willie O’Dea donates his moustache as an extra sweeping brush to the city’s street sweepers, with those using him as a brush always enthusiastic about his bristle’s effectiveness in gathering up rubbish and pushing it along.

“You’d always be curious how Valadimir Putin sneaks poison into all those cups of tea, Gerry loves tea.”

– Mary Lou McDonald diligently carries out the work of Sinn Féin deputy leader during the summer months, which often includes putting out over 7,000 fires that Gerry Adams unwittingly starts.

“You wouldn’t know it, but Enda is very clear about how short they should be so I suppose during the summer months I’d say this is my little act of rebellion, well that and trying to oust him as leader”

– Simon Coveney grows his toenails out in his time off, other than, it’s a nice relaxing time spent with friends and family.

“My mam always said I was the best looking boy in the whole wide world, and that I would grow up big and strong and I am and I did”

– Labour TD Alan Kelly is in the middle of preparations for this year’s Mr Universe competition. The bookies have him as a 20,000/1 outsider.

“I’ve always been a bit of the show, and not many people know this, but I look a bit like one of the characters so I make a killing at places like Comic Con and that. €20 for an autograph, €50 for a signed photo.”

– Micheál Martin is one of the world’s leading impersonators of the beloved The Simpsons character Mr. Burns, and travels to America to tour various pop culture conventions dressed as Mr. Burns.

“I dunno if she likes me, I’m getting a mate to ask for me”

– Minister for Health Simon Harris will spend several weeks at the Gaeltacht before throwing a big house party when his parents go away which will see him grounded for life as a result.