Dublin Man Flies To Rio To Sell Hats, Scarves And Headbands


SENSING a business opportunity too good to pass up, one Dublin street trader has headed to Rio de Janeiro with a suitcase full of official merchandise which he intents to sell outside the Olympic stadium and “clean up”.

Michael Shennahan, 36, usually sells his variety of hats, scarves and headbands outside Croke Park on match day, and has changed his supplier from one of official GAA merchandisers to one that will supply him with official Olympic merchandise.

Luckily for Michael, many of the countries competing in the Olympics share flag colours with local and provincial club teams in Ireland, meaning that he can easily take any unsold products home and sell them at a later date.

“This here may look like a blue and yellow Clare headband, but it’s actually an official Sweden headband,” roared Shennahan, getting his voice ready for trading in Rio.

“And this scarf might look like it would be sold to a Kerry fan before an All-Ireland semi-final, but in actual fact it is 100% genuine Usain Bolt merch. I’m going to park myself on the path outside the stadium in Rio and yell at people, sure I’ll be sold out in an hour. It’ll be grand”.

Despite having yet to fly to Rio with his suitcase full of products, Michael assured us that he was “down to the last” of his hats, scarves and headbands already.