Kid On Bottom Half Of Double Buggy Wondering Why He Deserves This Shit


WHILE his sister lounges in the open air mere inches above his face, one Waterford toddler is wondering why did he have to be the one confined to the hell that is the bottom tier of his parents new double-buggy.

Liam Kelly, 3, has to make do with the lower deck of the over-under child carrier that his mam is currently pushing around Waterford city centre, while his 8-month-old sister Hannah gets to stretch out in comfort above him.

With nothing to look at except the black fabric of the seat above him, Liam is searching his soul to find a reason as to why his sister gets the good seat while he has to put up with this bottom-half bullshit.

“I feel like I’m a friggin Chilean miner down here,” said Liam, who can’t even move his hands at the minute.

“When I seen them coming with this buggy at first, I thought, oh, that’s nice, it’s got a lot of room at the bottom for groceries and what have you. I didn’t think I’d be the one who got slid into it every time we leave the house. What the hell did I ever do to deserve this crap?”

Hannah Kelly was unavailable for comment due to being unable to speak just yet.