The Touching Moment This Celebrity Euthanised A Sick Fan


POP heart-throb Cain Simons is more than just a multi-platinum recording artist with a string of Billboard-topping hit, he’s also the type of guy who knows when the time has come to help someone die with dignity.

That’s what happened at the weekend, when Simons, 23, visited the home of a terminally ill superfan and helped them take their own life, while singing his smash-hit song “Baby U Da Bomb”.

Sean Johnson, 47, has been suffering from a terminal illness for years, and had been through the courts several times in a bid to gain access to services that could allow him to humanely end his own life.

A long-time fan of Cain Simons, Johnson reached out to the singer in a touching Facebook video that went viral earlier this year. Taking time from his busy schedule, Simons visited his “number 1 fan” at the weekend, and administered a lethal dose of morphine before fleeing to a non-extradition country.

“To my fans, I love y’all, more than you can know, and I will for reals euthanise you if you want me to,” said Simons in a YouTube exclusive earlier today.

“A lot of y’all be living in pain, unable to do nothing except suffer, with little or no legal support for any of your family members who try to help you to end it all. Just holla at your boy Cain, I be round your house and help you out. Least I can do for my fans”.

Simons went on to state that his upcoming world tour would include several dates in Switzerland, “where people just get me, y’know”.