Lidl To Hire 600 People As Part Of Ambitious ‘Second Till’ Plan


SUPERMARKET giant Lidl has announced 600 new jobs in Ireland as part of wildly ambitious plans to have a second till open in all their stores by 2020.

“When we started out it was never our plan to have a second till,” head of Lidl’s Strategic Second Till Planning Squad (LSSTPS), Bryan Colgan explained to WWN.

“The lad who did the interiors of all our shops had actually suffered a bang on his head and was seeing double at the time of kitting out the shops. We specifically said one till only,” Colgan added.

It is believed Lidl will become the first ever supermarket chain to install a second till on a permanent basis. The new staff will be trained up by Lidl in the coming months, with a painstaking attention to detail demanded from them.

“The training will be big on ‘sit at second till. Serve customers at second till. Keep second till open at all times’. We’ve never been more serious about second tills in our lives, we’re surprised no other supermarket has ever thought about doing this before to be honest,” Colgan conceded.

Customers have warmly welcomed the move but some people remain unconvinced and even worried at the announcement.

“This is madness, it’s too ambitious, it’s the shopping equivalent of trying to fly to Mars in a cardboard box. Lidl stores operate like a delicate ballet of long queues and only opening tills when people start pulling their hair out, without this structure in place chaos will reign,” consumer affairs expert Colm Glennon explained to WWN.