Elizabeth Taylor In Swimsuit Stuns Everyone At Beach


DECEASED Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor wowed beachgoers in Miami earlier today by making an appearance wearing in a stunning one-piece swimsuit along with her trademark oversized sunglasses.

Onlookers remarked that Taylor, who has been dead for 5 years, turned heads as she bobbed around in the warm water, soaking up the sun with a carefree demeanour that would befit a much younger, more alive woman.

“I hope I look that good when I’m dead,” said one beach goer, looking up from her glossy magazine featuring minor celebrities in bikinis.

“D’you know what, I know she’s not alive, right, but you still would, wouldn’t you?” added another.

Once one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Taylor’s fame declined through the years as she succumbed to a fatal case of getting old, which culminated in her passing in 2011.

Nevertheless, Liz’s sun-drenched appearance showed she could still turn a head or two, as paparazzi flocked to the area to get a snap of her shapely, lifeless figure.

“Anytime an old actress hits the beach, that’s gold for us,” said one cameraman.

“Either she looks like shit, and we can make fun of her, or she looks better than you’d think, and we can hold her up as the best thing that has ever happened. Either way, you stick that on the front cover of a magazine, and the money rolls in. It’s even better when it’s someone like Liz Taylor lying on the beach in her swimsuit, what with her being incredibly dead an all”.

At time of print, over 1,000 articles with titles such as “5 Ways You Can Get Liz Taylor’s Beach Body” are being written by tabloids across the world.