Ghostbusters Fans Criticised Over Ghost Costumes


SO-CALLED “fans” of the popular supernatural comedy franchise Ghostbusters have been heavily criticised for their shoddy attempts at cosplay, which have resulted in costumes that make them look like a bunch of absolute idiots.

The phenomenon came to light as Leslie Jones, star of the newest version of the long-running franchise, announced on Twitter that several of the cosplay culprits had begun to harass her on her personal feed.

Claiming to be fans of the original Ghostbusting team, the would-be ghouls showed themselves up as complete ‘shit-for-brains’ when photos emerged of them wearing terrible ghost costumes.

“I’ve seen some shit cosplay in my time, but these guys take the prize” said one Twitter user yesterday. “They must think they’re scary, but really everyone’s just laughing at them. And these guys have the audacity to get onto Leslie Jones and give her shit over the new movie, when they’re dressed in ghost costumes from years ago? We’ll start taking them seriously when they join us here in the 21st century”.