2016 Just One Long Game Of Thrones Episode


YEAR analyst experts at the Research Institute of Studies (RIS) have revealed that 2016 has come to closely resemble an average blood-drenched and twist filled episode of popular TV show Games of Thrones.

With each new day of 2016 bringing more shocking plot twists and surprises, staff at RIS compared the content of an average Game of Thrones episode with random days from this year and the resulting findings were revelatory.

“Deaths you never saw coming, mad lads trying to seize power, even madder lads staying in power. All the proper elements are there and that’s just in the last 3 hours,” professor John Greener explained to WWN as he presented his findings.

“And with pornography, widely available on the internet as always, that’s the gratuitous nudity element of a Game of Thrones episode covered,” added Prof Greener.

Fans of 2016 have shared reactions of shock while observing the plot twists the year has had to offer so far, echoing the online reaction engaged in by die hard viewers of Game of Thrones.

“I’m hiding behind my cushion on the couch anytime I watch the news,” admitted avid watcher of 2016, Cormac Shortt.

While 2016 is currently lacking in the presence of dragons and weirdos practicing magic, experts at RIS have claimed the way 2016 is going they could not rule out those things occurring later in the year.