Jack Chambers Begs Parents To Let Him Get A Summer Job


FIANNA Fáil TD Jack Chambers has made an impassioned plea to his mammy and daddy to let him get a job for the summer, insisting that he’s “old enough to make his own decisions now”.

Chambers, 25 and three quarters, is currently on summer break from Dáil Éireann until late September, and has issued a statement in which he describes himself as “SOOOO BORED” at home.

The Dublin West TD went on to stress that all his other friends have summer jobs, and that he would be a valuable addition to any local shop or petrol station that needed someone to stack shelves or work a till or something.

“Jack just wants to be like the other boys,” said a source close to the Chambers family.

“He see’s them with their summer jobs, and the extra cash that they get from picking strawberries or washing cars or whatever. Jack wants to put aside money for a PlayStation 4, which he’s already been told that he’s not allowed to have. I feel sorry for the poor kid, to be honest”.

Adding further insult to injury, Chambers’ parents have insisted that he come with them on holidays to Galway later in the summer, where he knows someone from Leinster House will see him and make fun of him when the Dáil returns.