Local Man Breaks Hangover Record With Vicious 3-Day Bastard


THE 28-hour hangover record set by one Jimmy Gaherty in 2007 has finally been broken, after the Tramore native smashed his own personal best with a nightmarish 38-hour son-of-a-bitch that required two days off work and a full day on the sofa in order to emerge from it.

Gaherty, 37, credited the stunning hangover to his age as much as to the incredible amount of alcohol he drank on Friday night at a 30th birthday party in the home of one of his wife’s friends. While it took nearly three days of straight drinking when he was 26 to set his previous record, Gaherty managed to be hungover for 38 hours despite a mere 8-hour session.

“When I woke up on Saturday morning I knew this one was going to be special,” said Gaherty, returning to work after claiming to have had a bout of food poisoning. “In fact, I’d argue that I spent the better part of Saturday still drunk from the night before, but it counts as a hangover according to the Official Hangover Governing Body handbook.

“‘6 hours from last drink, or after wakening from passing out’ is their official starting point. Three full days, four chicken fillet rolls and nothing but Friends on telly later, and I’ve set a new personal best” he added.

The Waterford man has made assurances that he has no intention of beating this record anytime soon, but added that he has a cousin’s wedding to go to in August so “you never know”.