Ireland Wishing It Could Blame Everyday Hate Crimes On Brexit Too


IN the aftermath of Britain’s vote to leave the EU, there was a reported rise in hate crimes, with many reprehensible individuals viewing a vote to leave the EU as a licence to parade their hate-filled and ignorant beliefs out in public for all to see.

Meanwhile, close to home here in Ireland, the Nation has expressed a palpable jealousy at the fact Britain seems to have a clear explanation for the sudden upsurge in hate crimes.

“It must be great, they can point to the last few months of toxic campaigning from UKIP and Farage and say ‘see, people were stoking tensions, exploiting anger’, we’ve got no handy excuses like that for why minorities in Ireland are being subjected to the same bullshit,” concerned Waterford native Sarah Sullivan shared with WWN.

Abuse and attacks carried out on Ireland’s minority communities are viewed by many people as a pernicious cancer on society, but it is believed the general public would be able to feel better about it if they had a Brexit to blame it all on.

“Our racism sadly can be blamed on our shitty society and not on something like the big bad Brexit wolf,” explained Irelandologist Gavin Henley.

“In Britain, media can draw attention to racism and pretend ‘oh, wow this has never happened before’, whereas sadly our media has to stick to not addressing the problem at all,” Henley added.

The abuse endured by those living in Ireland is expected to carry on in full view in the shadows.