Lack Of Spots Indicate Sun Is Coming Out Of Puberty


ACCORDING to scientists, the sun, which suddenly went ‘blank as a cue ball’ this week, is actually coming out of puberty and growing into a fine young star indeed.

For the second time this month, not a single dark sunspot can be seen on the surface of our star, with some scientists claiming it could be entering a new stage in its solar cycle, a phase of decreased activity, which could send the earth into a mini-ice age.

However, recent studies carried out by Irish scientists at Trinity College Dublin have reassured the planet that this is not the case, and that the sun’s smooth clean surface is down to the star just ‘growing up’.

“The sun is finally becoming an adult,” Professor James Tobin told WWN. “No more moody flares for no reason, no more moping around the solar system giving out that it has to do everything around here; this is a good thing, so people should not panic”.

In light of the new information, the sun is expected to stay around for at least another 23trn years.

“We estimate the sun to be 19-human-years-old, and it has plenty of life left in it” Prof. Tobin added. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t fall in love with another star and incinerate us all”.