Kanye West Releases Latest Bowel Movement


KANYE WEST has been declared a genius by people who don’t know what they’re talking about following the release of his latest bowel movement, WWN can confirm.

The bowel movement, released into a porcelain toilet bowl earlier this morning was hailed by his fans as a statement ‘on something’ which ultimately meant ‘something’.

“There is a real deep and subtle meaning to the 4 inch shit he did, I’m sure of it. Yeezy is a genius,” one Twitter user shared after learning of the news that Kanye had once again changed the course of human history.

Speculation rages over the meaning of the bowel movement, but rumours that it had a pungent smell and contained some corn in it have led to further discussion online, which has often turned highly contentious.

The acclaim comes shortly after the rapper and creator of the universe released a video for his song ‘Famous’, causing a stir online and in the media with its depictions of naked famous people including Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Rihanna and several other people including his wife. West helpfully explained that the song ‘Famous’ and its accompanying video which featured famous people was a comment on ‘fame’.

2016 has been a year in which Kanye West has enjoyed a critical resurgence, with his finger painting also receiving high praise. Music site Pitchfork said of the work “these finger paintings eclipse anything we’ve seen from 4-year-olds. They can’t compete with Kanye. When it comes to finger painting, he has reinvented the genre”.

West is expected to refer to himself as a genius and ‘game changer’ another 14,000 times before the year is over.