Iceland More Or Less Forgiven For That Whole Ash-Cloud Craic


THE world has decided to forgive Iceland for the 2010 eruptions of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull, following the plucky ‘Mighty ducks’ style performance of their national football team at the ongoing Euro 2016 tournament in France.

The eruption of the volcano in 2010 caused widespread travel chaos across Europe, as air traffic controllers were forced to ground airplanes for days on end due to the high level of ash in the air.

The ensuing hassle of flight cancellations and holiday rescheduling had soured many people to both Iceland and everything Icelandic for years, although all seems to have been forgiven after they dumped England out of the Euros with an unbelievable 2-1 win during the last 16 stage of the tournament.

“I was stuck in Malta for two weeks with no hotel and no money because of that fucking ash cloud,” said one former Iceland hater.

“But then you see them stick it to the English, and follow it up with a sweet Viking haka type of a thing, well, you just have to say all is forgiven, don’t you?”

The Iceland football team have been assured that should they manage to beat France in their quarter-final fixture this weekend, the world may actually forgive them for Björk as well.