Jeremy Corbyn Blamed For Death Of Princess Diana


NEW evidence has suggested that beleaguered Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn may be responsible for pretty much everything bad that has happened to Britain in the past several decades, including the tragic death of Princess Diana in a Paris tunnel almost 20 years ago.

Both opposition TDs (known in Britain as ‘MPs’) and members of his own party have stated that Corbyn, who would have been 48 at the time, is ‘more than likely’ to have caused the fatal crash which claimed the life of the Princess of Wales and her lover Dodi al-Fayed in August of 1997.

Corbyn, who has come under fire from all sides after his failure to secure a ‘Remain’ vote in last weeks Brexit referendum, is also being accused of sinking the HMS Sheffield during the Falklands way, the Piper Alpha fire, Hillsborough, and the cancellation of The Good Life.

“It’s all Corbyn’s fault, innit?” said one British person we spoke to.

“I’m not sure how, and I’m not sure why, but everyone sure does seem to be very upset with him. So yeah, if the media says it’s all on Corbyn, I’m okay to go with that. Bloody hippy, killing our princesses! prick!”

Mr. Corbyn was unavailable for comment, as he had locked himself away to ponder what he could accomplish if everyone around him wasn’t so utterly stupid.