Queen Only Visiting Northern Ireland To Do The Game Of Thrones Tour


WHAT at first appeared to be a visit predicated on being a chance to honour her loyal subjects with her presence, the true nature of the Queen’s visit to Northern Ireland has been revealed.

“Who knows what the fuck is going to happen after this Brexit cock up, the 6 counties could be back in Ireland’s hands before one knows it, and then how in bloody hell will I get a guided tour of the Game of Thrones sets,” the Queen confessed to the media when they inquired as to why she was visiting Northern Ireland.

Before the Queen’s candid confession, it was presumed that the monarch’s visit had something to do with showing a united front as the Britain is on the verge of a historic break up, thanks to the fallout from the British public’s decision to leave the EU.

“Christ no, one just wants to see all the cool castles and battles and shit. Prince Harry was saying it was a class tour, so I’m in before all this Troubles bullshit rears its ugly head again,” the Queen added.

The Queen will have to go through formal meetings with Martin McGuinnnes and Teresa Villiers before been given the chance to sit on the Iron Throne.

“The Queen has to at least pretend she gives a shit about maintaining strong ties across the union before she starts waving a sword around and screaming ‘I’m the Queen of Dragons’,” explained a close aide to the Queen.