TDs Asked To Bring In Crisps And Snacks For End-Of-Term Party


TDs received a note home in their lunch-boxes yesterday evening, asking for crisps, sweets and minerals to be sent in for today’s end-of-term party.

With the Dáil standing for the last time for nearly three months yesterday, today will see the annual summer fun party in Leinster House, where all the TDs can wear their casual clothes and (weather permitting) have a picnic outside.

There will be competitions and prizes as TDs from both sides of the house share stories about what they intend to do over the summer, despite already missing months of Dáil time following this year’s onerous general election process.

Although all the boys and girls of Dáil Éireann are said to be excited about the party today, parents of TDs have complained about not receiving enough notice that they would have to supply refreshments.

“A bit of fucking notice would be nice,” said one TD’s mam.

“I only found the note last night when I was washing lunch-boxes, and I hadn’t a sweet in the house. I had to go out at half nine to the shops and see what they had. He’s away in today with a 12 pack of Meanies and a big bottle of Fanta. I don’t mind buying sweets and crisps for these things, but if I’d known in advance I could have made buns”.