We Speak To 5 People Who Came Back From The Dead, What They Saw Will Astound You


IS there an afterlife? And if so, what awaits us there?

These are questions we as human beings would desperately like to learn the answers to, and luckily for WWN readers, we worked tirelessly to interview people who died only to come back to life, bringing with them incredible accounts of what awaits us when we pop our mortal cogs.

The below accounts of the afterlife are truly astonishing:

“Nah, it was shit. My old maths teacher was there, and he handed me this great big spoon and told me to find the square root of it. In fairness, that might have been the acid I dropped right before I had my accident”

Rachel, clinically dead for 16 minutes after getting her finger caught in a door.

“It was white and there were ghosts there. My late mom was there, and she asked for the money she left me in her will back, which was a bit rude. She said she needed it for a poker game she was having with Hitler and Freddie Mercury. Not so much as a ‘hello son, how are you? Haven’t seen you since I died'”

Jonathan, dead for 0.000024 seconds after failing to chew a chicken breast fully.

“God is desperately overweight, he couldn’t make it to the gates to welcome me in. I had to walk along the path made out of orgasms, and take a left before being hugged by the sea of breasts. Then there he was, fat as anything you’ll ever see in your life. He asked me to look under his bellies to check his mickey was still there. It was a bit strange if I’m being honest”

Sean, still dead, communicating to WWN from beyond the grave at a seance at an undisclosed location in Waterford city

“I’ll never forget the heat. Christ, it was worse than Mallorca at the height of summer. And the screams, I couldn’t get over the screaming out of some of the girls and fellas. They were just beheading themselves and eating their heads through their bottoms, it was all very, very disturbing. Upon reflection, now I’m saying it out loud, it might have been Hell I went to”

Bernadette, clinically dead for 6 minutes after being shot by US police after they brought an end to her killing spree which claimed 14 lives.

“I think it’s different for everyone, heaven like. When I died in those brief seconds before I was brought back by doctors. It was this lovely serene nothingness, pure black emptiness. Just like it said in the Bible and that ‘you die, and enter the void blackness with Jesus and the lads’. It was thrilling stuff, but I have to say I’m glad I’m back in the land of the living. It got fairly boring up there after awhile”

Cathal, dead for 12 seconds after decapitating himself while cutting the hedge. His neighbour, a surgeon, stitched his head back on immediately

Wow, moving stuff.