6 Bands You Need To Like To Appear Cool To Friends


BANDS. Music. Instruments. Sounds. Stupid clothes. Some bands even come in the form of one person these days. We all know what makes a cool band cool, but sometimes it’s hard to know what is the right amount of cool when it comes to keeping up with your insufferable music Nazi mates.

One false move and you’ll be forever labeled as a ‘square’ by your friends. WWN has painstakingly compiled the essential list of 6 bands who are currently riding high on a wave of fickle yet desirable cool points.

Get to know these guys, and get to know what it’s like to have all your friends thinking you’re the human embodiment of a leather jacket:


They’ve got it all. A hit song that’s just the right side of ‘under the radar’, and they’re named after land dominated by dense vegetation and trees. Sorry, that’s all we’ve got we just tell our cool music friends we L-O-V-E Jungle and keep smiling in the hope we’re not found out as the hip music illiterate frauds that we are.

The Cuddly Elbows

The Cuddly Elbows are a dynamic 4-piece that hails from London and are completely made up. Don’t worry, your cool, hipster friends can’t afford to look like they don’t know the latest and greatest bands. To save face they’ll nod along and say some variant of ‘oh yeah, I’ve heard they’re about to explode on the scene’.


We know, it seems like she’s too mainstream, too successful. However, every year the world’s cool music snobs convene in secret in the Swiss Alps to nominate the one uncool artist it is OK to like in a completely unironic way. 2015 was all about Taylor Swift, but this year the cool kids endorsed Adele. If you go big on fanning out on her, you can say ‘Hello’ to Adele and being considering cool by your cool friends.

Fart Trumpet

A Moroccan jazz minimalist who plays sparse and haunting compositions on the trumpet, using only his farts. Walid Youssef is a rare talent, and again, completely made up. But don’t worry, your mate Dave will confirm to you that he does indeed have Fart Trumpet’s first EP ‘Shart from the Heart’ on limited edition neon vinyl. Not only are you cool now, you might even be cooler than your cool friends. This is going better than expected!


This lad is so cool he doesn’t give a second thought to throwing in an extra M where it has no right being in the first place. He’s Irish too. Cool and Irish, it’s only been done by 3 other Irish bands before MMoths and B*Witched, Jedward and Clannad aren’t gigging at the moment so your left with the lush synth sounds of Mr. MMoths. Worried your cool mates might test your MMoths knowledge? Don’t fret, people in the know have been known to say ‘MMoths…bleedin’ class’ stick with that and you’ll a okay.

Tame Impala

All you need to know is that ‘Let It Happen’ is a tune. If someone mentions Tame Impala simply shout ‘Let it Happen… TUUUUNE’. Seriously it’s a tune. And trust us, it’s OK not to know that. You’re busy with having a life, working, studying, learning how to play awful Ed Sheeran songs on guitar or whatever and it’s cool, honestly, we don’t care. But do you know who cares? Your stupid cool music loving friends. They won’t forgive for not knowing ‘Let it Happen’ so, repeat after us: ‘Let it Happen TUUUUUUUNE’.

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