Nation Refusing To Get Out Of Bed After Long Weekend


A SLUGGISH and completely unwillingly Nation is currently refusing to peel itself off its bed in an effort to ignore the fact the working week has begun after the long weekend.

Pressing the snooze button some 417 times and letting out groans of disapproval, the vast majority of the Nation isn’t even entertaining the idea of facing the world today.

After running over in its head how long it can leave getting out of bed without being late for work, the Nation simply began feeling very sorry for itself and proceeded to further wrap itself up in a duvet.

“I’m not opening my eyes, if I open my eyes, it’s like I’m admitting I’m awake and I don’t want to do that. I’m not going to work, you can’t make me,” the Nation stubbornly said in its head.

In a daring move the Nation switched off all phone, clock and radio alarms in a fit of anger despite knowing full well it could slip back into a deep sleep only to awake in a panic hours later.

More as we get it…