It’s Worth It Just To See Their Little Hearts Break, Says Teacher Who Gives Homework On Fridays


“WATCH this little lad down in the corner, watch his wee face. Booyah, there it is!”

WWN are speaking exclusively to Nessa Crossan, a prick of a teacher who purposely gives her third class primary school students homework on a Friday, just to piss them off.

She shows us iPhone footage of the moment the class realise they have to have pages of sums and spellings to do at the weekend, and it’s a comprehensive exercise in making kids hate school.

“I leave it to the very last minute, every Friday,” said Crossan, just a sad little woman.

“You can see in the footage, they think that after a week of hard work at school, they’ll be able to spend two short days having fun and playing… Nope! Right as they’re packing their bags, BOOM. Two pages of long division, a ball of Irish verb work, and an essay on ‘How I spent my weekend’, which is just enough to make me laugh all the way to Monday”.

Crossan went on to explain that she had received homework every weekend when she was in school, and she was only getting back at the world.