Man Has Recurring Nightmare He Has Wife, Kids, Steady Job


A WATERFORD man is seeking professional help after having the same, awful nightmare night after night, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Tramore native David Kinsella has suffered from nightmarish visions every time he puts head to pillow, with vivid and horrifying imaginings of being married with kids while in a well paid job.

“Christ, I’m sweating now just thinking about it. I awake with a scream every time, I have to run through the house checking the rooms just to make sure I don’t have a couple of little shits dragging me down,” an understandably shaken Kinsella explained.

The 29-year-old barman has sought help with a number of medical experts, but so far nobody has come close to putting an end to his terrifying dreams.

“I dread going to bed, I fight it, but eventually I doze off and suddenly I’m stuffed into a suit and I’m behind a desk, taking in 60k a year just like all my miserable married mates. Sometimes I wake up just paralysed from the fear, ya know?” Kinsella, a man with €20.45 in his bank account added.