OMG! Bruce Springsteen Spotted Eating Taytos While Irish Dancing To The Glenroe Theme Tune


IN what is believed to be the first ever incident of a famous person engaging in acts associated with Ireland while visiting Ireland, Bruce Springsteen has wowed locals with his ability to be in Ireland and pictured doing Irish things.

“I suppose it’s just a shock really, we’ve never had a famous person out and about in public in Ireland, so it’s just mental, it’s so sound of him,” explained entertainment reporter Keelin Cassidy.

Jetting in for his two sold out Croke Park gigs, the Boss took a stroll around Dublin, our capital city, gracing us with his presence.

“I’m just still wrapping my head around it, it’s just so overwhelming,” added Cassidy, “Ireland should be the shit on his shoe, but somehow, this guy who was in that music video with Monica from Friends is doing Irish things. Hashtag humbling”.

The absolute legend of a singer was pictured getting a Starbucks on Westmorland street this morning, before grabbing some breakfast in a McDonalds on Grafton St, happily posing for pictures with people looking to update their social media feeds.

However, proving that Ireland is close to his heart and that the New Jersey just gets us, he took a stroll through Temple Bar before doing something truly astonishing.

“No one prompted him, he just sort of did it,” one onlooker remarked.

Springsteen emerged from a Centra with a packet of Cheese and Onion Tayto before heading into a Carrolls gift shop, all the while a large crowd swelled around him.

“Then this song started playing out of nowhere, it was the Glenroe theme tune,” the onlooker added.

The Born to Run singer proceeded to carry out a note perfect complex Irish dance while downing the packet of Taytos, with many people believing his routine eclipsed even Beyonce’s casual stroll through Phoenix Park circa 2013.

The response online to the Boss’s antics have been overwhelming with declaring the singer to be ‘Craic Hero Legend Epic Classy Gesture’.