Teenager Leaves Extra Large Durex Condom Sticking Out Of Wallet


A MISGUIDED teenager has taken to bandying about his wallet in a brash fashion, careful to make sure everyone can see the extra large Durex condom housed inside it, WWN has learned.

Local hopeless case altogether, 17-year-old Conor Downey has in recent weeks enlisted a new subtle method of sexual bravado in the hopes of impressing women with the promise of having a massive lad.

“Ah, it’s desperate stuff. Wherever we are, be it in the pub, town, at the local Spar. If there’s half a chance a woman will see it, he’ll whip out the wallet and rummage around in it until he’s sure they’ve seen the condom,” shared Dempsey’s friend Niall Coffey.

If impassioned testimony from Downey’s former partner Jade Hurley is to believed, Downey’s penis is acceptably average in size.

It is not yet known if the condom is ribbed for her pleasure as eye witness sightings of the condom have been brief, but WWN can confirm the condom looks like it’s been in the wallet for a considerable time.

While Downey was unavailable for comment, it is believed he genuinely thinks this embarrassing practice will result in him having sex with multiple women.