Heat Wave Somehow Includes Torrential Rain, Thunder


MET Eireann has confirmed that the heat wave currently being enjoyed by the people of Ireland will also contain the odd rainstorm, and maybe some hailstones.

By its definition, a heat wave is a prolonged period of excessively hot weather, but studies have shown that the Irish people “can’t deal” with the heat and as such, several thunderstorms have been added to keep everyone happy.

Although heat waves in other countries allow people to leave home wearing light clothing suitable to clement weather, a heat wave in Ireland demands that everyone wear something that is cool and summery, as well as carry an umbrella, their heavy winter coat, wellington boots, and a ski-mask.

“You’re looking at a week of hot, balmy, drizzly, breezy weather, combined with gale force winds and sleet” said Malachy Brennan, chief spokesperson for Met Eireann.

“We’re talking bipolar weather here: one minute you’ll be reaching for the factor fifty, the next minute you’ll be swept off the road in a flash-flood. Thunder, lightning, snow, tropical sunshine… changing every five minutes or so over the next week….it’ll be grand”.

Brennan went on to assure people that the heat wave would be well and truly finished in time for festival season.