GAA Lads Everywhere All Of A Sudden


SUMMER is upon us, bringing with it one of the most majestic aspects of the natural world; the appearance of GAA lads outside their normal habitat.

Usually sticking to the GAA clubs and pitches of Ireland, summer spurns these wonderful creatures onto the bus and into town, decked in all their GAA club and county colours finery.

Look over there; a Clangattan Gaels under-21 corner forward, carrying his Clangattan Gaels kit bag over his shoulder, buying a chicken fillet roll in Spar.

And here we have a member of the UCD hurling squad, see how he has decided to get changed at home and just take the bus to college wearing shorts, a hoodie, and a huge pair of thick woolie socks turned down at the shin.

In the gyms and recreational centers across the country, the GAA lads convene to work on their cardio. Their sudden appearance in droves can be startling to regular gym users, as they move to make room for 12 lads stinking of Deep Heat hogging every exercise bike in the place.

“It’s truly wonderful to see the town flooded with GAA lads,” said Art Caghnaghvan, zoologist.

“It really gives us an insight into a world that most of us will never see. We can see them as they graze on ham sandwiches, cooling themselves down by lapping at a bottle of Club Orange. Their individual colours and markings allow us to see just where they originated from, giving us a clue as to why there’s a lad carrying a hurley on the bus”.

If you spot a GAA lad in town, please do not approach them suddenly as this may startle them.