Horror As Rottweiler Savages Tennis Ball In Park


ONLOOKERS in a Waterford park watched helplessly today as a Rottweiler dog chased a tennis ball across the green, before grabbing it in his mouth and rolling around on the grass.

The attack on the tennis ball, thrown by the dog’s owner using one of those plastic ball-picking-up things, comes as a stark reminder that certain dog breeds cannot be trusted to not run around in the park having a great time.

The attack was further vindication for Meath Fine Gael councillor Alan Tobin, who posted on his personal Facebook page after successfully having signs erected in parks in his constituency, warning of ‘restricted breeds’.

Dogs such as the Rottweiler who savaged the tennis ball in Waterford were featured on the list, and witnesses to the adorable attack conceded that any animal that could chase a ball and grab it with its mouth should be kept on a leash at all times.

“The way this animal sped after the ball, tongue hanging out, panting and rolling around, you’d swear it was the devil himself,” said one local man.

“Not only that, but he carried the ball all the way back to his owner and laid it at his feet, just waiting for a chance to run across the green and bite it again. Savagery, there’s no other word for it”.

Meanwhile a Bichon Frise who has been treated terribly by its owner since birth was spotted lashing out and biting a toddler in the same park, although nothing much was said about that.