Brian Cowen Talks To Us About His Dramatic Weight Loss And Healthy New Lifestyle


FORMER Taoiseach Brian Cowen was never one for healthy eating, or indeed, long sessions at the gym, but since retiring in 2011, he has seen a dramatic transformation, losing almost 13 stone.

Speaking to WWN editor Paddy Brown in a rare interview, Brian opened up about his healthy lifestyle, weight loss and talks about the road ahead:

Paddy Brown: May I say you look absolutely fantastic, fair play to you.

Brian Cowen: Oh! Why thank you! That’s…am…nice of you to say

Paddy Brown: So, what’s your secret?

Brian Cowen: To?

Paddy Brown: Looking so slim, what are you eating. Or better yet; what aren’t you eating?

Brian Cowen: Okay, am…my diet isn’t the healthiest if I’m honest.

Paddy Brown: C’mon now, sure there hardly anything left of you at all. Cut out the carbs or something?

Brian Cowen: Seriously, I don’t know why you’re asking me about my weight. I thought I was here to…

Paddy Brown: Brian, c’mon now. I barely recognised you coming in the door.

Brian Cowen: My name is not Brian. Just who do you think I am?

Paddy Brown: Typical politician. Always deflecting and avoiding the real answers

Brian Cowen: No. My name is not Brian. I haven’t lost any weight. And I certainly don’t want to talk about my eating habits.

Paddy Brown: You’re Brian Cowen, right?

Brian Cowen: My name is Ronan Mullen. I’m a senator

Paddy Brown: Are you sure? I mean, you’re the fucking spit of Brian Cowen.

Brian Cowen (taking off microphone): Look it, I’m done here. I didn’t travel all the way from Dublin to Waterford to be insulted.

Paddy Brown: Did you walk down? No wonder you lost..

Brian Cowen (agitated walking out of the office): For the love of Christ! I’M NOT BRIAN COWEN!

Oddly, Mr. Cowen proceeded to deny he had lost any weight at all and walked out of the interview, claiming to be another person. Obviously ashamed of his political, and unhealthy past.