Weather Warning In Place After Cold Breeze Fatally Cuts Dublin Man In Two


GARDAI and emergency services have today issued a severe weather warning after a Dublin cyclist was pronounced dead on Eden Quay after being cut in two by what can only be described as a ‘fatal breeze’.

Traffic was brought to a standstill after motorists stopped to help the young man, who is believed to have bled to death after being ripped from the groin up through the torso and severing his entire body in two evenly divided pieces.

“Both sides of him just seemed to flop down to the left and right of his bicycle,” motorist and eyewitness Terrence Williams recalled. “People were screaming in shock, so I stopped to see if I could help, but he was already dead by the time he hit the ground”.

It is understood the man was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a T-shirt at the time of his death, forcing Gardai to issue a nationwide weather warning.

“We would ask people travelling by bike or by foot to wrap up well, and not be fooled by the sun into thinking it’s warm out there,” Garda Commissioner Noreen O’Sullivan stated. “There’s a breeze in it that would cut you in two, so be safe”.

The unnamed man is the fourth Irish person this year to be cut in two by cold northwesterly winds.