5 Salads That Take Just Minutes


HOT or cold, there’s nothing quite like a salad! They’re tasty, and quick to make. Plus you can have basically anything in them. Here’s our 5 favourites!

1: Bagged chicken and spice

Spice Bag Riverside Takeaway Swords_zpsbmxsosy8

Ingredients: chipped potatoes, peppers, onion, chicken, seasonings.

Cook the chipped potatoes and the chicken, then toss all in a container and mix for a delicious treat, day or night!

2: Eastern Lamb bread packet


Ingredients: Pitta bread, lamb, lettuce, sauce.

Cook the lamb and put it in the pitta bread with everything else. So easy!

3) Flat hot salad


Ingredients: Dough, tomato sauce, cheese, peppers.

Simply add the dough to the rest, and enjoy! Best when baked at 220° for like 20 minutes or so.

4: Spicy potato salad


Ingredients: Chipped potatoes, curry.

Cook the chipped potatoes, then add the curry. Mix in some onion or chicken to make it even tastier!

5: Chips salad


Ingredients: Chipped potatoes.

OK, this one is just a big plate of chips.