5 Things Only People Who Think They’re A Jack Russell Can Relate To


LIFE is hard: work, school, marriage, karate…  so much to do, so many rules and restrictions. But, some people shake all that off and embrace their inner Jack Russell, and live life as if they’re a small, somewhat annoying dog. Here’s 5 things you’ll only relate to if you think you’re a Jack Russell terrier.

1) Boundless energy

Ever see a Jack Russell sitting still? Nope! Same with people who get up in the morning and ask “WWJRD?”. Just run around all day like a mad bastard, while everyone else walks at a normal pace.

2) Getting on a seat, getting off it, then getting back on it again

People who think they’re Jack Russells are seriously annoying on a bus. Do you want that seat or not?

3) Taking 4 hours to eat a bone

These people, you give them a bone and they can just sit out the back yard, chewing away at it for a whole afternoon.

4) Seeing a bigger dog and being all like ‘FUCK YOU DOG’

Dude, that dog is like, what, four times your size? You seriously want to start barking at him as he walks by? He’s only tolerating you at the minute, don’t push it.

5) Being called Padraig Merrion

As far as we know, there’s only one person who thinks they’re a Jack Russell; Padraig Merrion, this lad up the road from us. Ah, he’s harmless enough.