Reports Of Major Finger Blast In Dublin Nightclub


REPORTS are coming in to the WWN newsroom regarding what is described as a significant finger-blast in a prominent Dublin nightclub.

Eye-witnesses described the finger-blast in Copper Face Jacks as being “sudden and loud”, and took place in the disabled toilet area of the nightclub. More as we get it.

UPDATE: Screams now audible in the vicinity of the finger-blast. Club patrons unsure of where to look. Mass awkwardness. More as we get it.

UPDATE: Secondary finger-blasts reported in separate areas of the club. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: One woman confirmed as injured following largest fingerblast so far. Taken home by friends. More details emerging by the minute.

UPDATE: Coppers staff attempting to prevent ongoing finger-blasts.

UPDATE: Nurses and members of An Garda Siochana now on the scene.

UPDATE: “One minute I was dancing to Hit The Diff, the next minute a couple beside me began to finger-blast”: one survivor tells her story. More updates as we get them.

UPDATE: Fingerblasting reported in several other nightclubs across the country. Have you experienced a finger-blast tonight? Let us know.