WWN Property: We Ease In Through The Backdoor Of This Sexy Red Mature


WE got the word earlier today about a stunning older redbrick with a driveway you could park a bus in, and we just had to get over to see it. Nothing like a semi-D to give you a semi-D, that’s what we say.

Classy older places like this ain’t cheap, but they’re so worth it. When we pull up to the house, we’re immediately drawn to its slim shape and its fascia board that seems to say ‘hey, you… I want you inside me’. We oblige, of course. We go around the back to where the house keeps its junk, and with a firm push we enter.

Unlike single bedroom flats built in the last few years that look attractive from the outside, but disappoint once you enter them, this house does not let us down. There’s nothing like a mature house with some experience.

In the bathroom, there’s a walk-in shower and it is soaking wet. It’s incredible. There’s a hot moistness in the air that makes us want to stay here forever.

Things get heavy in the bedroom; there’s a heavy bed. There’s four heavy beds, in four ample bedrooms. This place has it going on where it counts; its measurements are going to make your heart thump and your head spin.

If you get the chance, we seriously recommend seeing this fine piece for yourself. You only think you’re happy with your homely little 2-bedroom bungalow… we’re not saying get rid of the little place, but if you have the money and you can get a threesome going on with this mature redbrick, you’re going to experience house ownership like never before.