Pixar To Develop Movie That Doesn’t Irritate Parents After 100th Viewing


PIXAR studios are to press ahead with an attempt at the Holy Grail of children’s animation; a movie that can be repeatedly viewed without parents wanting to smash the TV off the wall.

Previous Pixar efforts such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo were praised at the time for being as enjoyable for adults as they were for kids, but this enjoyment only lasted up to the thirtieth viewing or so which is not very useful when you consider a child can insist on watching the same movie twice a day for four years straight.

However, execs at the Disney-owned studio are confident that their recently greenlit movie ‘Trees”‘ the story of talking trees or something like that, will be able to stay on the right side of irritating after over 100 repeat viewings.

“Even Oscar-winning epics like Frozen get on your fucking wick the tenth time you watch them,” said one Pixar employee.

“But this new picture will feature revolutionary new subliminal messaging, which will release pleasurable endorphins as it plays in the background while parents are reading the paper or whatever. It should allow multiple viewings, even back-to-back, without causing any feelings of anger towards a cartoon character”.

The news comes too late for some parents, who have already been committed to mental institutions after one too many viewings of Cars.