Middle Aged Man Can’t Believe ‘Dad Music’ Now Means Oasis, Nirvana


A Waterford resident and father of three is being treated for shock in Waterford regional hospital today after suddenly realising that, given his age and the fact he is a father, the music he most loves now qualifies under the label of lame and uncool ‘dad music’.

Coke fuelled stomping rock tunes by mid 90s behemoths Oasis now occupy the same status as awful acts such as Abba and the Bee Gees which were enjoyed by 38-year-old Davey Hogan’s father, sparking a very immediate panic attack.

“No, but, it’s not like it’s ‘dad music’ or anything, like Oasis are still massive, and fucking cool,” explained Hogan, who admittedly stopped paying attention to music released after 2003.

“I know what you’re saying, as in the 90s is a while ago now, but kids these days still think Nirvana and Oasis are the cool current bands around,” Hogan told staff at the Waterford regional hospital as he passed in and out of consciousness.

Hogan confessed to forcing his three children, all under the age of 10, to listen to his favourite selection of CDs while in the car, but it had little impact of their listening habits.

“Oh God, it’s true, isn’t it, it’s ‘dad music’. They all love fuckin’ One Direction,” Hogan said while breaking down in the isolation unit of the hospital’s Dad Music Breakdown Wing.