Galway Beanie Hat Shortage Now Reaching Crisis Point


APPEALS are being made to beanie hat owners across to the country to donate as many pieces of wooly headgear as they can, following a drought in the west of Ireland that has left Galway a hat-free wasteland.

The shortage has come at the worst possible time, as we move into the summer; peak time for men and women in Galway to sit around outside wearing beanie-hats while smoking extremely thin rollie cigarettes while listening to obscure Irish indie bands from the late 90s.

In some instances Galwegians are down to three hats apiece, with many fearing that their head may have to go uncovered for the later part of the year.

Hat donation centres have been opened across the country, with organisers hoping to shore up the supply of beanie hats in Galway before the start of the cities 364-day long trad festival season.

“I was walking through Eyre Square and I saw a young man sitting on a bench playing acoustic guitar, completely hatless,” said Sean Harriman, organiser of Hats For Galway.

“At a distance, you’d think he was just any other Galway dweller; check shirt, beard, dozens of skinny leather bracelets… but when you got up close, the poor lad didn’t have a beanie hat. We need to work together to stop this kind of thing from destroying a generation”.

If you have a beanie hat at home, please donate it to Hats For Galway, alternatively text HAT 1 to 53999 to donate €60 to the charity.