Dana White Confirms McGregor V Internet At UFC 201


UFC chief Dana White has announced that the headline bout at the upcoming UFC 201 event will see current featherweight champion Conor McGregor take on thousands of know-it-all online commentators.

McGregor, who has divided the online UFC community with his brash outspoken style, will battle up to 5,000 keyboard warriors consecutively. There will be no height or weight limitations imposed on anyone who wishes to step into the cage with “the Notorious”, and experts are suggesting that McGregor should comfortably make his way through the pack in a half-hour or less.

“This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has criticised Conor on the internet to step up and put their face where their mouth is,” said White, during a four-hour press announcement in Las Vegas this morning.

“Conor is excited about the bout, and believes that he should be able to retain his title as someone who can back up what he says, unlike these lads on Facebook who think they know everything”.

WWN were able to grab an exclusive interview with one of McGregor’s opponents, 26-year-old Cian Flemming from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

“I had made frequent comments about how McGregor’s grappling abilities were lacklustre, and how if his striking failed him then he wouldn’t stand a chance,” said Fleming, who has a fighting weight of 18 stone.

“So I’m going to be facing him at UFC 201. I’m confident that my extensive knowledge of UFC, garnered over 6 months of watching the sport and playing the PS4 game, will let me get through our match with my face intact”.

McGregor is said to be looking forward to the bout, and is currently undergoing an intensive trash-talking training program.