Total Legend Keeps Sending Hilarious All-Staff Emails


THE entire workforce of a Dublin accountancy firm were once again dazzled, amazed and amused by a riotously funny all-staff email from office legend Cian Jennings, his fifth one today.

Jennings, who frequently dazzles his co-workers with every funny GIF, YouTube clip and Vine he sees, has been described in the office as a treasure and not annoying in the slightest.

Many staff members have gone so far as to cancel their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and just count on Jennings all-staff emails to get their fill of cat videos, movie reviews, and jaw-dropping celebrity gossip.

Although many people who work in an office find all-staff emails to be irritating and delete them instantly without reading them, the staff at McHugh & Quint Accountants can’t get enough of the staggeringly magical content that Jennings circulates.

“Sometimes I’ll be absolutely hammered by a deadline, and the last thing I want is one more fucking email,” said one staff member we spoke to. “But then I’ll see that it’s from Cian, and I’ll just have to stop everything I’m doing and click in to see what it is. I’d hate to miss a video of a cow that sounds like Taylor Swift or whatever the hell it is he’s just sent. The whole office just grinds to a halt like nine times a day, just to read Cian’s all-staffs. Legend!”

Assuring Jennings that he’s “wasted here”, the staff at McH & Q have urged him to find a job in a bigger firm where he can really let his all-staff skills soar.