Jupiter Just Showing Off At This Stage, Say Astronomers


ASTRONOMY Ireland has today asked the general public to just ignore Jupiter for the time being as they claim it is ‘just showing off’ and to best ignore it.

Speaking at the group’s head office in Dublin 11, chairman David Moran told WWN that Jupiter is ‘forever looking for attention’, and this latest recorded impact has been just typical of the gas giant.

“Seriously, don’t even humour it,” an unimpressed Moran explained. “Last month, Jupiter was flashing its Northern Lights at its poles. Then this impact thing on Patrick’s day, trying to steal everyone’s thunder; it never stops. There are plenty more interesting planets out there”.

On the 17th of March, Irish astronomer John McKeon was filming a time-lapse using a camera and a telescope when an asteroid or comet impact occurred. The footage was later confirmed by another astronomer, Gerrit Kernbauer, from Austria, who also caught the event on camera.

“Normally I wouldn’t bother with Jupiter because it’s a renowned attention seeker,” said Mr. Kernbauer. “I said I’d record 30 seconds, just for my portfolio, then the object struck the planet. I immediately turned off the camera, in case it started doing anything else out of the ordinary. Typical Jupiter”.

NASA asteroid expert Paul Chodas said it is more likely that Jupiter made the whole incident up and just to simply ignore the planet in future, adding that he was getting pretty tired of its shit.