WWN Guide To Doing An Honest Day’s Work


IN today’s hectic and crazy world, it’s harder than ever to do an honest day’s work. Increasingly, people consider themselves to be doing just that, only to be informed by helpful individuals that they’re stealing a living, don’t live in the real world, and have no idea about what ‘it’ is like, all backed up by verifiable scientific research.

WWN, with the below guide, hopes to provide you with all you need to help carry out an honest day’s work:

Don’t earn too much money, that would be a huge barrier to work, days and honesty. Whatever you do, don’t become a politician, banker, solicitor or indeed take up any other job or profession that pays well.

From research we’ve carried out, it appears an honest day’s work is directly associated with labour intensive or noble jobs, so the next natural step would be to lock one of these jobs down.

A doctor seems like a good choice, someone who seeks to heal the sick, but remember some doctors earn too much so it’s best to move to a third world country where you can compete for a poorly paid position, if you can secure an unpaid position – all the better.

Living amongst those less fortunate than you however can provide a barrier to an honest day’s work and further steps must to taken to be considered really part of the hard working portion of the population.

It might be an idea to work in a village that has no medical facilities to speak of, requiring you to build a hospital from scratch. Never complain about how tough it is lugging piles of bricks over a distance of 50 miles every day for fear of sounding out of touch with those who know a workshy prick when they see one.

If you feel 50 miles is too short a journey to make, you’d be right. Finally, you’re starting to think like a normal, honest-to-goodness hard worker. A 100 miles distance is the very minimum.

Just to be safe, it may be wise to impose an income tax of 99% on your earnings, and don’t make a fuss, just get on with things.