“We’ll Continue Crashing Into Cars Until Our Demands Are Met” – Warn LUAS Drivers


COMMUTERS in Dublin were left fearing for their lives this afternoon after yet another LUAS attack on a city centre motorist.

Shortly after 4pm, a LUAS tram driver purposely rammed a Dublin city taxi driver, in an ongoing feud over pay increases.

“We’ll keep ramming you’s cunts off the road if we don’t get what we want,” the driver of the tram was heard shouting after being arrested by Gardai. “You may take me down, but more will follow”.

The stark warning comes just days after a similar incident in the city, where another innocent motorist was shunted off the tram line by a rogue driver.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported how the tram refused to stop when the taxi driver pulled out in front of him, raising fears that there may be more attacks over the coming weeks.

Strike action has been announced for St Patrick’s Day this Thursday as well as Easter weekend and two further 48-hour stoppages have also been announced for next month.

“At least they can’t hurt any more people if they’re not on the road,” said one motorist, who regularly commutes along the LUAS line. “It’s just a shame it had to come to ramming people off the street” adding “This situation needs to be sorted before anyone else gets hurt”.

So far, 4, 576 people have been attacked by LUAS drivers since the dispute began.

“We’ll raze this city to the ground if we have to,” a driver’s union statement read following today’s latest attack. “They’ll be commemorating another rising in a 100 years if they’re not careful”.